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With immense growth of YouTube app in an online market, the internet users who are active on YouTube channels increases day by day. AIB and Viral factory act as an accelerator to increase the active rate. According to reports, you will see around 20,000 active users present on YouTube channels that upload nearby 4 lakh videos, 10 billion views, and 1 crore subscriber. Here we have listed few YouTube channels by which you can watch various programs.




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Pew Die Pie

Pew Die Pie is a comedy Sweden channels which stood 1st in the list of the subscriber and also in the list of video view. You can also play and watch various scary games on this channel by pointing out the camera on yourself. This is the most prominent YouTube channels which grab many YouTube active users towards Pew Die Pie channels.


This YouTube channel gaining popularity day by day, because of its gamer content and fandom on various platforms. This is one of the biggest video game platforms which come with a community of games, animation, movies and TV programs. Machinima scores 30th rank in the subscriber list and stood on 40th rank in the video viewing list. You can view its content everywhere like weekly and daily shows, content, gaming videos, scripted series and many other contents. You can view this channel using your TV, smartphone device, and PC.


Movies is a YouTube channel which let you purchase movies online, you can also buy various movies on rent via Movies YouTube channel. The channel stood up at 5th rank when we compare it against other YouTube channels in terms of the subscriber. You have to pay the mentioned amount while purchasing any movie. There is no concept of free movies.


AIB is the most popular YouTube channel which is gaining immense popularity day by day. If you are willing to see AIB video content, then AIB YouTube channel is the best source. You can find TV adverts, interviews, instructional videos, news and many other programs on AIB channel. You can watch Rohan, Ashish, Tanmay and Khamba who take topics on various nation related issues like politics, society, film industry and many other reputed sectors.


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