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Blogging is one of the prominent topics nowadays for every individual, writers which act as a source for capturing traffic, getting sales, to build community online. The user sticks to the blogger because Blogger maintains its security and quality standards. Startup companies, individual, and other small scale companies publish their content using Blogger platform because it comes with a simple dashboard which is very easy to navigate. Using blogger you can customize your blogs according to your need. For working on Blogger you need to have the little bit of knowledge of HTML and CSS. You can also share your templates with your friends. Selecting a suitable template is the little bit time consuming task and tricky. In order to save your time and effort, we have listed few blogger themes which help you creating your own website.




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Boulevard is the most stylish template which let you post-traditional, tutorial, magazine blogs. The Boulevard comes with elegant media buttons, stylish widget where you can post content or comments. This blog makes easy for SEO.


The movie is the most sturdy blogger theme which is mainly used by entertainment related websites. This is the best template where you can post a number of videos, movies, news, and many other entertainment tasks.  You can create your own website and upload various media related videos and images for display on the Movie Template. The movie template comes with various features including SEO-friendly, mobile friendly, responsive and many other features makes the template prominent.


Global is the modernized template which makes your website to the next level. You need to know the template better as this template is little confusing. This stylish template comes with slider plugin which displays the latest content and the most featured posts. The impeccable composition of the content and slider makes your website stylish.


This is the most elegant and the most responsive blogger theme which delivers a great reading experience to the readers. The template comes with a simple design, social bar, and many other design features make the website beat other blogger themes. Content which you have posted is visible to the user who is using smartphone, tablets, laptops, and PCs.



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