Wearables which will make you fit!!

Are you looking for any Gym and Yoga institute? Now you do not have to go to any Gym institute or to any Yoga instructor. All you have to eat healthy and exercise daily. Taking right diet and exercise daily are the two major aspects of making you fit. In order to measure fitness and diet menu, there are many fitness trackers launched in the market which plays the major role in day to day lifestyle. You can use fitness trackers to measure the total calories burned, total steps you have taken, sleeping patterns, monitors your heart rate and many other functions. You can also customize your fitness tracker according to your desire. So here we have listed few fitness trackers which track your daily routine activities.


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Fitbit Charge 2

Fitbit Charge 2 fitness tracker monitors heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, and total sleeping time. You can also set an alarm to wake up early in the morning.

Fitbit Charge 2 is available in various sizes and different colors like Black, Blue, and Plum color variants which come with a price range of 10,000 INR to 13,000 INR in the Indian market and $150 to $190 in the international market. You can also choose leather band which is available in Brown, Pink, and Purple colors by paying an extra cost.

Fitbit Flex

This fitness tracker tracks your total active minutes, total steps taken, inactive minutes, sleeping time, and many other daily activities. You can also check your progress in order to accomplish your mission. Fitbit Flex comes with a Bluetooth feature which lets you synchronize other devices.

You can purchase this gadget from Indian market with a price of 5,300INR and $80 from the international market. Along with Fitbit Flex tracker, you will get 2 Bands, charging cable, wireless dongle.

Fitbit Flex 2

Flex 2 tracks your daily activities like steps taken, calories burned, active minutes, inactive minutes, and also sleeping duration. The only problem with this tracker is that it does not monitor your heart rate and your location.

You can buy Fitbit Flex 2 at a price of 6500INR approximately in the Indian market and $100 in the international market.

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Watch the most prominent YouTube channels!!

With immense growth of YouTube app in an online market, the internet users who are active on YouTube channels increases day by day. AIB and Viral factory act as an accelerator to increase the active rate. According to reports, you will see around 20,000 active users present on YouTube channels that upload nearby 4 lakh videos, 10 billion views, and 1 crore subscriber. Here we have listed few YouTube channels by which you can watch various programs.




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Pew Die Pie

Pew Die Pie is a comedy Sweden channels which stood 1st in the list of the subscriber and also in the list of video view. You can also play and watch various scary games on this channel by pointing out the camera on yourself. This is the most prominent YouTube channels which grab many YouTube active users towards Pew Die Pie channels.


This YouTube channel gaining popularity day by day, because of its gamer content and fandom on various platforms. This is one of the biggest video game platforms which come with a community of games, animation, movies and TV programs. Machinima scores 30th rank in the subscriber list and stood on 40th rank in the video viewing list. You can view its content everywhere like weekly and daily shows, content, gaming videos, scripted series and many other contents. You can view this channel using your TV, smartphone device, and PC.


Movies is a YouTube channel which let you purchase movies online, you can also buy various movies on rent via Movies YouTube channel. The channel stood up at 5th rank when we compare it against other YouTube channels in terms of the subscriber. You have to pay the mentioned amount while purchasing any movie. There is no concept of free movies.


AIB is the most popular YouTube channel which is gaining immense popularity day by day. If you are willing to see AIB video content, then AIB YouTube channel is the best source. You can find TV adverts, interviews, instructional videos, news and many other programs on AIB channel. You can watch Rohan, Ashish, Tanmay and Khamba who take topics on various nation related issues like politics, society, film industry and many other reputed sectors.

Construct your website using Blogger!!

Blogging is one of the prominent topics nowadays for every individual, writers which act as a source for capturing traffic, getting sales, to build community online. The user sticks to the blogger because Blogger maintains its security and quality standards. Startup companies, individual, and other small scale companies publish their content using Blogger platform because it comes with a simple dashboard which is very easy to navigate. Using blogger you can customize your blogs according to your need. For working on Blogger you need to have the little bit of knowledge of HTML and CSS. You can also share your templates with your friends. Selecting a suitable template is the little bit time consuming task and tricky. In order to save your time and effort, we have listed few blogger themes which help you creating your own website.




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Boulevard is the most stylish template which let you post-traditional, tutorial, magazine blogs. The Boulevard comes with elegant media buttons, stylish widget where you can post content or comments. This blog makes easy for SEO.


The movie is the most sturdy blogger theme which is mainly used by entertainment related websites. This is the best template where you can post a number of videos, movies, news, and many other entertainment tasks.  You can create your own website and upload various media related videos and images for display on the Movie Template. The movie template comes with various features including SEO-friendly, mobile friendly, responsive and many other features makes the template prominent.


Global is the modernized template which makes your website to the next level. You need to know the template better as this template is little confusing. This stylish template comes with slider plugin which displays the latest content and the most featured posts. The impeccable composition of the content and slider makes your website stylish.


This is the most elegant and the most responsive blogger theme which delivers a great reading experience to the readers. The template comes with a simple design, social bar, and many other design features make the website beat other blogger themes. Content which you have posted is visible to the user who is using smartphone, tablets, laptops, and PCs.


Tips to become a successful entrepreneur

Thinking to become an entrepreneur? Starting your own company is not an easy task. You have to think a lot before launching your own business. You have to check your balance, products, management, employees, place, and the most important is strategy and an idea behind starting a new business. Here we have listed few tips which you need to take care of before starting a business:

  • Set a mission: Setting up a goal or a mission is the most crucial part where you have to pay attention to various aspects of which type of business you want to continue, type of products and services you will provide to the customers, process needed to continue the business, what it will deliver when completed, what it is all about.




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  • Do not give up: Always stick to your business do not think to give up. As according to various reports more than 90% of the start-up businesses fail because the owner of the company fails, discouraged, demotivated, bored, loss of enthusiasm or many other things makes the business fail. Always think for the better future, by escaping all the darkness in your present and past professional life.
  • Great Product: Think about the diversified product and superior product which increases your business growth and let you earn lots of money. For enhancing your business growth, you need to have a good product and a superb strategy and services you provide. Proper pricing of the product makes your product compete with its competitors.
  • Proper Marketing: Marketing a product and services is the most important aspect which not only increases your sales but also let your business grow day by day. You can go for viral marketing which let you spread messages about your product and service offering so that your customers know about your business and the quality services you are providing. You can also marketise your products and services using different sources of social media by posting daily updates about your product and services. So that customers will know how beneficial your product is for them and how to use your product.


Create your own website using different WordPress themes

WordPress is the most prominent and popular CMS platform which gives your website an elegant yet stylish look. WordPress comes with various themes which are designed specially to give better look to your website. Many of the themes are equipped with the extraordinary features which will turn your website into an incredible one. Here we have listed few WordPress themes which come with superb features, used for multiple purposes, and delivers a superb response. These WordPress themes are compatible with every business, agencies, bloggers, corporates and many other businesses. Check few WordPress themes which we have mentioned below:

Zincy Lite

Zincy Lite is the business based theme which is absolutely free by which you can design your own website instantaneously. For growing business, you need on online website of your business which keeps your business alive and compete with other competitors. This multipurpose theme comes with various layout features with unlimited options by which you can access google fonts and you can customize the logo of your company. Zincy Lite is the SEO friendly, social media compatible, and comes with superb support. You can create your own business website by installing, setting, and customizing the theme according to your business.


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Shop Isle

Shop Isle comes with an amazing design which is incredible for e-commerce websites as it lets the customers take a look at all the products and services that your company is providing even using smartphones and tablets. This is the best theme for designing an online store. You can sell your different products and let your user look on various payment gateways your company is connected with. The theme comes with About Us option which supports images and text. You can also upload high-resolution images and insert stylish buttons and text. The theme also displays the shopping cart module at the top side. So use this theme in order to maximize the profit via the online sale.


Hatch comes with a stylish theme where 40% of the layout of the website is covered by the main image following 12 grids which displays the images of what your company does and what is your main work. The theme uses each and every space smartly by which you can fit lots of content and text on a single screen. Mainly the photographers and artists use this theme for their website.